The Whisker Chronicles

Whiskers are also known as vibrissa, from the latin vibrare "to vibrate". Vibrissa are the specialized hairs on mammals and the bristlelike feathers near the mouths of many birds. Their resonant design is symbolic of the energies, good and bad, that are reverberating throughout the natural world. Every living thing is connected and, by birthright, deserves to exist.

The Legacy and Future of the Endangered Species Act

Disclaimer:  Like any good legislation, The Endangered Species Act is a dynamic law with the intended beneficiaries constantly changing.  The data for this blog was obtained directly from the U. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Forty Years of the Endangered Species Act: Piping Plover

Scientific Name:   (Charadrius melodus) Year Listed on the Endangered Species List:  1985 Endangered Species Listing Status:   Endangered in the Great Lakes watershed. Threatened everywhere else. Conservation Efforts and Partners:  In … Continue reading

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What is the Endangered Species Act?

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. Congress passed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1973. On December 28th of that year, President Richard Nixon signed … Continue reading

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Bears in Entertainment

In 2002, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service seized six polar bears in Puerto Rico that were owned by the Suarez Brothers Circus, a circus based in Mexico. The … Continue reading

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