The Whisker Chronicles

Whiskers are also known as vibrissa, from the latin vibrare "to vibrate". Vibrissa are the specialized hairs on mammals and the bristlelike feathers near the mouths of many birds. Their resonant design is symbolic of the energies, good and bad, that are reverberating throughout the natural world. Every living thing is connected and, by birthright, deserves to exist.

Update on Cecil’s Cubs

The Jaguar

Cecil - Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (c) by Vince O'Sullivan. CC BY-NC 2.0 Cecil – Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (c) by Vince O’Sullivan. CC BY-NC 2.0

You may remember that when Cecil the lion was killed in July many people were worried about the fate of his cubs. Lions, like many wild felids, practice infanticide. If a male lion discovers cubs that are not his own, he will attempt to kill them so that he can mate with their mother. This helps to ensure that his genes will be passed along, and not those of his competitors.

Thus, it was feared that Cecil’s murder would also doom his cubs. But after three months, the cubs are doing well.

In August I reported that Cecil’s cubs were being protected by his brother, Jericho. Thankfully, that is still the case.

Towards the end of September, David Macdonald of Oxford’s WildCRU sent out two updates on Cecil’s cubs. The first one, released on…

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2 comments on “Update on Cecil’s Cubs

  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar
    October 15, 2015

    Thanks for reblogging this Maymie! For some reason I just now realized you posted this.

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    • Maymie Higgins
      October 15, 2015

      You bet. I’m pretty disappointed in the news that Walter Palmer is not being extradited to Zimbabwe to at least testify about the events of Cecil’s murder.

      Liked by 1 person

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